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2016-01-22 10:57:03 by Vee

Want a song for your game, or movie project?

2013-10-22 15:03:24 by Vee

If you want a song for your project i'm sure i can help! just contact me here or anywhere and we will make a deal! :)

Hey! Update! :D

2013-10-21 15:58:50 by Vee

just finished creating my own radio station! check it out here: Radionomy
there are also mobile apps for the particular radio hosting thing i'm using called radionomy so you can listen on the go!
song suggestions are welcome here in the comments of this post or in a PM. Enjoy!

Name Changed!

2013-08-13 21:24:54 by Vee

DJVast - Vee! hope you like the new name! i changed it because i wasn't a dj nor would i be any good at it. lol so thx for all the support guys i reeeeeaaaaalllyy appreciate it! :)


2013-07-22 21:20:50 by Vee

I'm working hard on a bunch of new tracks but i'm in summer school so that makes it hard to do sorry... ;)


2013-05-22 15:52:03 by Vee

to view more of me and DJ Phoenix's Collaboroations go here:

Album art not showing up? hmmmmm...

2013-05-03 21:36:19 by Vee

For siome reason whenever I publish my audio the album art does not stay... idk why

Working on a melody compilatation!

2013-04-30 16:40:24 by Vee

about 20 melodies!!!!! (I have gotten 5 done so far)


2013-02-27 21:22:58 by Vee

wow i've been posting quite a bit of audio here on NG!

All new songs

2013-01-27 15:53:46 by Vee

I expect i will be making more audio in the next couple weeks