Album art not showing up? hmmmmm...

2013-05-03 21:36:19 by Vee

For siome reason whenever I publish my audio the album art does not stay... idk why


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2013-05-03 22:19:49

Happens to me too.
Here's how I tried to remedy it: Make sure the file you're uploading is EXACTLY 90x90 pixels.
And make sure the file type is .jpeg.
And then upload it.
Then publish.
And then once you see that the album art fails to show up, go in and edit that submission, reuploading the exact same 90x90 pixel .jpeg file and it should work. It has been for me at least.
Hope that helps! Yeah, I don't know if this is a very good way to solve it but I hope it works for you. :D

Vee responds:

haha thanks!


2013-05-04 04:16:25

Like DreamForecast said, using jpg is the way to go for all image related errors, on all sections of the site. And if you upload a size that doesn't require cropping that'll cut out some potential errors too. They really need to get the system fixed though...

Vee responds:

you're right...


2013-05-16 16:52:05

After u upload a song , go to your audio page and refresh the page 6 times , then close open the page , should work (for being sure the art stay)